Semen available through Owners, Cattle Visions and Regional Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle, B&T Cattle and Trauernicht Simmental

Sire: W/C Loaded Up
Dam: Built Right x
Powerdrive (CNS Blackstar)
ASA# 3315701
BD: Jan 2017
PB Simmental
Homo Black | Homo Polled

LHT Viper 65E:
Viper was the phenotype SUPERSTAR of our 1000's of miles of travel. Most of us appreciate the front end and soundness of the LU sired cattle. What sets Viper apart is that he's a legit 6 frame – massive assed and topped, stouter boned and softer centered. Breed leading donor dams run several generations deep on dam's side, and his $50k maternal brother won the American Royal and NAILE. If you're breeding to make big time show heifers or a knockout set of replacements without sacrificing pounds – give Viper a shot!


{ EPDs }  CE: 10  |  BW: 1.3  |  WW: 56  |  YW: 78  |  API: 108


 Smooth Criminal
Semen is $50/unit through Owners, Cattle Visions and Regional Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle and Heartland Simmentals

Sire: Kappes Hammertime
  (Royal Affair x Lucky Deal)
Dam: WINC Melanie
  (SAV Bismarck x Dream Catcher) 
ASA# 3239209
BD: March 2017
3/4 Simmental
Homo Black | Homo Polled

SK Smooth Criminal E174:
Smooth Criminal is an incredible specimen that will appeal to those of us who are looking for something different in a Simmental bull. SC is excellent footed and boned, super sound, explosive in terms of his power and mass – all with a new twist from a pedigree standpoint. Dam is a prolific donor for SK Cattle. Big time outcross performance bull with structural integrity and legit power

{ EPDs }  CE: 10  |  BW: 2  |  WW: 83 (Top 3%)  |  YW: 134 (Top 2%)  |  API: 120
{ Ratios }  WW: 110 (835#)  |  YW: 118 (1537#)



 The Judge
Semen $40/unit through Cattle Visions, ORIgen, Stepping Stone and Owners.
* Call or text Willie at 319.269.0844 to be added to waiting list.
Willie Morris Cattle, Heartland Simmentals and Joel DeNio Cattle Co.

Sire: CCR Cowboy Cut
Dam: 3/4 Blood Top Grade
  (traces back to BC Lookout's
   full sister)
ASA# 3208952
BD: 02/12/2016
PB Simmental
Homo Black | Homo Polled

SFG The Judge D633:
* Compiling breed leading EPD's.
* Justifying his EPD's with accessory scan and test data.
* Merging an elite phenotype with breed leading data.
* Bridging the gap between numerical data and phenotype.
* Packaging all of the above with an outcross pedigree.
* Sensibly priced semen at $40 with no minimum orders.


EPDs:  CE: 12.9   BW: 0.5   WW: 76.5   YW: 114   MWW: 60.6   MB: .44   REA: .98   API: 148   TI: 85.6
Rank:  Top 15%,   Top 25%,   Top 10%,   Top 10%,   Top 10%,   Top 3%,   Top 20%,   Top 10%,   Top 1%


Semen is available at $30/unit through all Major Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle and Phil Lautner

Sire: Vindication 152A
Dam: Upgrade x Evening Tinge 
ASA# 3192841
BD: 03/22/2016 | TH & PHA FREE
3/4 Simmental

NV/WMCC Lhord:
* Half interest sold for $56k to Phil Lautner in the 2017 Royal Edge Sale
* Unreal power and performance
* Bone and hair the zoo bred cattle would envy
* MUST SEE in person to fully appreciate

 No Remorse
Semen is available at $30/unit through all Major Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle, Werning Cattle and Matt Janssen

Sire: Yardley High Regard
Dam: Bush's Focus 
ASA# 2614801
1/2 Simmental

W/C No Remorse:
* The calving ease bull that's taking the industry by storm.
* Several progeny in the $20-$35,000 range in 2014.
* Use him to add incredible style and muscle and structural integrity.

Semen is available at $30/unit through all Major Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle, Polzin, Thomas Ranch and E&B Arthur Land & Cattle

Sire: LLSF Uprising
Dam: Upgrade/Goldmine 
ASA# 2917599
PB Simmental

WMCC Risen:
* Dam and grand dam are breed leading donors.
* Exciting performance giant with incredible look.
* Practical heifer bull without sacrificing performance.
* $40k valuation bull from 2015 Royal Edge Sale.


Semen is available at $40/unit through all Major Distributors.
* Also have a limited amt of SEXED 3ml for $125.

Willie Morris Cattle, Jones Show Cattle and Ronnie Smith

Sire: Fat Butt
Dam: TJSC So Sweet 9W
 (Steel Force/GF Maximus)
ASA# 2795468
BD: 03/10/2013
PB Simmental

Vindication displays incredible mass, power
and unmatched hair with a cool and confident look all his own. Solid EPD's and a bullet proof pedigree that's loaded with high sellers and champions make Vindication the top yearling Simmental bull of 2014. He will be the go to sire for those who demand both performance AND phenotype!
* TESTIMONIAL below received Oct. 2015:
Hey Willie,
I thought I would drop you a line and tell you about the best sired group of calves I have had in 41 years of AI'ing; with
Vindication being the sire!! I don't normally use an unproven bull two years in a row until I see how his calves grow and mature, but I made an exception this year, as I used Vindication again for 2016.
His calves are thick, attractive, hairy and have excellent feet and legs. Very good rump structures and they track well from behind. Several calves are brockled or bald faced.
I'm 70 years old and bred cattle all my life, and these
Vindication calves are the real deal.
Jim Temple – Indian Creek SimAngus of Sheridan, IL

 Fat Butt
Semen is available at $30/unit through all Major Distributors.
* Limited supply of inventory remaining - order now!
Willie Morris Cattle - IA, Greg Brown - MS, and Triple L Farms - IA

MORE HIGH SELLERS FROM 2011 & 2012 (that are not pictured below):
$4,700 Fat Butt x Angus - Royal Edge, IA
$5,500 Fat Butt x BEB Juneau - Walter Cattle Co, OK
$8,250 Fat Butt x PB Simm - Tree Lane Farms, IL
$10,000 Fat Butt x Cross - Dunk/Felt, NE
$12,000 Fat Butt Heifer - Sanders Ranch, KS
$17,500 Fat Butt Heifer - Sunset View Farms, KY

Sire: FB Prime Cut
Dam: Ms Pretty Woman
* now deceased
Cut Above fondly earned the nickname “Fat Butt” for his pronounced badonka donk. You won’t find a Purebred Simmental sire with more muscle shape, neck extension & base width. This package is transported on a perfectly designed, massive set of feet and legs. Phenotype alone is enough to use this bull. Enhancing his value is the fact that he's related to virtually none of the popular sires of today, yet brings to the table some of the most recognizable and successful foundation sires of the past – notably, Black Max & Buck on both sides. It's about time a sire is promoted for what he does, not just what he looks like. Siring more high sellers than any other sire in the breed & making phenomenal mama cows with beautiful udders and small teats. Get in on him while you still can. Deemed the "must use" sire.
Check out FAT BUTT progeny below: 

Fat Butt as a calf

Fat Butt x Duff New Look - $6,300 high seller in NAILE Select Sale

Fat Butt's Maternal Sister by Dream On - $30,000 high seller of the 2011 Royal Edge Sale

Fat Butt x Muhammed/Anchor - $7,000 high seller in "The One"
Simmental Sale

Fat Butt x Dream On - Class Winner at the 2010 NAILE

Fat Butt x Macho/EXT - $9,800 high seller in Dwyer's Foundation Female Sale

Fat Butt x Friction - $5,000 son for Felt, NE

Fat Butt x Angus - $7,000 daughter for Felt, NE

Fat Butt x Shorthorn - $12,000 daughter for Campbell, IL

Fat Butt x Maxi - $5,600 daughter for Tree Lane Farms, IL

Fat Butt x Lutton - $15,000 daughter for Holmes Show Cattle, IA

Fat Butt x Star Power - $14,500 daughter for John Sachau, IA

Fat Butt x Emblazon - $4,600 high selling bull in 2012 Royal Edge

 Big Softy
Semen is available at $25/unit through all Major Distributors.
Willie Morris Cattle - IA, Graves Farms - IA, and Triple L Farms - IA

Sire: Dameron Raptor
Dam: BC Lookout x
         OCC Hunter/Emblazon
Reg: AAA# 17178733
BD: 02/02/2011

What a refreshing young stud! At WMCC, we attempt to bring you rare finds that today’s industry can use as an alternative, from both a genotypical and phenotypical standpoint. That being said, we have found “THE ONE”! Softy exhibits that desired capacity, fleshing ability, and muscle shape we admire in the OCC influenced cattle. Yet, he displays the most tremendous bone and foot size, sweet front 1/3, & hair unequalled by ANY Angus sire! Big Softy is a rare specimen that truly puts everything together in an unparalleled package of phenotype, economically important traits, and an exciting pedigree. This bull will undoubtedly make his mark on the industry as a calving ease sire with unequalled mass and style that any commercial cattleman, seedstock breeder, or show cattle producer can use and admire! Not to mention, a gentle disposition you are sure to appreciate.

 Mama's Boy
Semen is available at $25/unit.
OWNERS:  Willie Morris Cattle - IA and Triple B Farms - NE

Sire: Meyer 734
Dam: WAG "Hairietta" (Who Made Who x Angus)

Use Mama's Boy's TH and PHA free pedigree on stout made females to add style, hair, and maternal greatness! Call Willie or any Major Distributor to order your semen today!

Mama's Boy x Red Top - $10,000 daughter that sold in the 2009
Divas & Donors Sale.  Owned with Kane, IA.

Mama's Boy Full Sib - Miss USA, Triple Crown Champion Female

Mama's Boy daughter - $6,000 high seller to TN

Mamas Boy daughter - $19,000 high seller to IA

Semen is available at $30/unit
OWNERS:  Willie Morris Cattle - IA

Sire: Meyer 734
Dam: Habanero x Sugar Ray/Angus

Maximus has been used very successfully on cows and heifers
to add bone, muscle, style, and hair along with being TH and PHA free. Maximus mamas are making unbelievable cows! Call Willie or Major Distributors to order your semen today!



 - available semen -
Saugahatchee  ---  Macho

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